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             Moments of truth has come to almost over as we take our final vows to the portals of our beloved Institution. We learn things that helped and will help us in the future. We learn to show our talents and abilities that we have. We learned to mingle to other people and developed our self confidence. Good moral values and ethics were sown into our minds. Love, sharing and appreciation were developed. Good leadership has been taught. We learned lots of good things that I can’t count. And with all of these we are ready face another step of our life without any doubts and fear for the consequences.


             To our dear Tabuk Institute our heartfelt thanks for giving us the chance. Thank you for showing us the right direction. You nurtured us physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. To our beloved principal Ma’am Precentacion Bartolo, we are very thankful for the guidance. For the good values that you sown in our minds. For the challenging words that serve as our inspiration. To our ever loving teachers, thank you for sharing us your knowledge. Thank you for the love and support you never hesitated to give. Thank you for being true friends to us, for the pieces of advice you always share. You serve as our second parents.


             With all humility and sincerity, we the graduating class batch 2005-2006 pass on to our worthy successors to the juniors our ideas, talents, interest, dreams, aspirations that we posses that will also help our dear almamater.


             Finally the towering height of Lala Decano, Darwin Paycao, Bismark Guidangen, Desiree Orpilla, Cherilyn Bainco shall be passed to Jocel Villagracia, Jay-ar Tugay-an, and Maesoul Balbin. The sexy bodies of Catherine Luyaben, Cherma Ambatcan, Jinky Owang shall be inherited by Mayflor Timpac, Phoebe Valen Munda, Tessie Lidyan, Mary Grace Magday, and Elena May Baduyen. The hunks Sanchez Manganip, Ogie Guevarra, Darwin Paycao, Choyo Oya-oy is turned over to Jonas Apayyo, Jeffrey Lopez, Uno Buslig, Jairus Pascua, John Bergeman Lardizabal, Janmar Clauna, Raphael Dapeg, Emmanuel Bilagot and Nicnor Subala.


The comprehension writing of Elmer Daguasi, Marc Angelo Hizola, Farrah Claveria, Fulgene Wandag shall be hand down to Marphil Garnace, Phoeby Daogas, Rolando Pattang, and Ryan Lee Martin. The scientific thinking of Elmer Daguasi, Michelle Nimer, Karren Joy Baduyen, Sheila Jane Abaoag, Fulgene Wandag shall be transferred to Ryan Lee Martin, Rolando Pattang, Lynden Joy Taccad, and Natasha Wera.           


The mathematician Allen Cord Sigat, Ruben Dapeg III, Karren Joy Baduyen, Cherilyn Bainco is hereby to Bryan Kurt Balacang, Jocel Villagracia and John Paul Lingbawan. The logical thinking of Benggay Madalang, Lorraine Aligo, Claire Bao-angan, Julienne Tabag, Burnette Bawengan and Jessie Acob shall be inherited by Mark John Duyan, Dawn Kibara, Uno Buslig, and Jeffrey Lopez.


             The spikers Macinnay Tomi, Cherilyn Bainco, Jinky Owang, Elmer Daguasi, Sanchez Manganip, Darwin Paycao, Lala Decano willingly shared their unbeatable spikes to Sunshine Dolligas, Juda Gumpad, Leizle Apayyo, Jocel Villagracia, Janmar Clauna, and Jefter Bua-ay.


             Flying Abarientos Louie Shane Dagacan, Benjamin Solimen, Ruben Dapeg III, Elixer Omikeg bequeaths his throne to Emmanuel Bilagot, Raphael Dapeg, Marvin Claveria, Roderick Gambing Rogelio Paloma and Jefter Bua-ay.


Natural joker Allen Sigat, Elmer Daguasi, Bismark Guidangen, Sanchez Manganip, Darwin Paycao, Joseph Lizardo, Desiree Orpilla and Catherine Luyaben willingly leaved their special talent to Arvin Bonggat, Robin Miguel, Dexter Dummao, Krisan Malto, Justine Marcos, John Paul Lingbawan, John Bergeman Lardizabal, Roderick Gambing, Tessie Lidyan and Helen Bautista.


 The type of being silent of Jessie Acob, Elixer Omikeg, Orpha Anudon and Julienne Tabag is passed to Jay Abaggoy, Rommel Gayagay, Bryan Kurt Balacang, Mark John Caysoen, Krisan Malto, Judilyn Miana, Justina Duli and Loida Bitaga. The frank way of talking of Marc Angelo Hizola, Catherine Luyaben, Burnette Bawengan is passed to Loida Bitaga, Judilyn Mania, Justina Duli, Phoebe Valen, Mainz Bugtong and Helen Bautista.


Singing sensation Michelle Nimer, Rosylle Timpac, Precious Wandag, Sheila Jane Abaoag, May Grace Paycao, Joseph Lizardo, Choyo Oya-oy, Ogie Guevarra and Benjamin Solimen shall turn over their unfading voices to Rogelio Paloma, Marphil Garnace, Mayflor Timpac, Natasha Wera and Leizle Apayyo. The dancing shoes Ruben DapegIII, Cherma Ambatcan, Precious Wandag, May Grace Paycao, Claire Bao-angan, Lorraine Aligo, Benggay Madalang is given to Maesoul Balbin, Mainz Bugtong, Maureen Vicente, Carmela Bitibit, Elena May Baduyen, Marvin Claveria, Justine Marcos and Jairus Pascua.


             - Karren Joy T. Baduyen

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