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Dear graduate…

Follow Your Star!

Follow Your Star!



You have a star! If you don’t see it, look for it.

Follow your star and let it guide you through the future.


There is so much to do and enjoy in life

but each thing we do must entail some form of preparation.

Life is such that we have to grapple with challenges

but no problem is greater than your ability to overcome with the

help of your star.


Your secondary education prepared you for the next step that you will take.

The next step may be going for higher studies, general or specialized training,

employment, engaging in a vocation, business, farming, etc.

but whatever it is, be deliberate and confidently trusting in your star.


“If there is a will, there is a way” is very true!

You will never run out of options or alternatives.

Just remember that whenever a door of opportunity is closed

for one reason or the other, several windows will be opened to you.

Your star will show you those windows.


You will succeed!

Those who succeed are those who are not afraid to fail

while those who do not succeed are those who are afraid to fail.




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