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Tabuk Institute is a church-related high school under the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. It is non-stock, Non-profit and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It was founded by the late Fr. Buenaventura Munda, first pastor of the United Evangelical Brethren Tabuk (Protestant with the help of some church leaders and Dr. Witmer of Lubuagan EUB mission and bishop Fonceca).


The school was founded as a response to the clamor of parents and local church members to have a high school in Tabuk. Since before and after World War II, there were only two high school in the sub-province of Kalinga. Student of Tabuk were for study either in Baguio City or Kalinga Academy, a Protestant school or in St. Theresita’s High School of the Roman Catholic mission. At the time there were no vehicles going to Lubuagan so students had to hike with their weekly provisions. Besides the hiking difficulties, The local church members and friends in Tabuk clamored to have a high school opened in Tabuk. Pastor Munda responded to the express felt needs of the people by initiating the plan to open a school of the local church in Dagupan with the help of the missionary Dr. Witmer, Bishop Fonceca, and local church leaders like Pedro Balacang, Leon Bangisan, Marcos Diasen, Marcos Malaggay, Ceferino Ramirez, and may others who donated the first financial requirements to open high school.


             In July 1948, the high School, Tabuk Institute was formally opened with 23 students and their first classroom was the local church building walled with bamboo and roofed with cogon grass. Their first principal was Lauro Arizala.

Brief History


             Tabuk Institute seeks a life of faith, learning and action that shall develop people into becoming intellectually competent and honest, morally and ethically sensitive, creatively aware and responsive to the needs, aspirations of a just, free and responsible social order.

School Hymn


                                       We sing to thee oh Tabuk Institute

                                       And pledge to her our faith anew

                                       The seats of learning fairest smile

                                       The home of friendship true.


                                       We’ll rally round her standard

                                       For the cause of the green and white

                                       For to give her the best of our love with the zest

                                       Means the best will come back to you.



                                       So here’s our health to Tabuk Institute

                                       Our dearest school we love

                                       Here’s to Tabuk Institute

                                       No other name above

                                       Here’s to Tabuk Institute

                                       Our love will bring her o’er and o’er

                                       So praises our thine of our dear school divine

                                       Oh our school forevermore.


                                       Too short the years we’ve spent for our school

                                       Her golden days are all to few

                                       So lend a hand to her today

                                       The colors green and white

                                       In studying we do her honor

                                       In the field just to bring her fame

                                       For the fountain of youth and

                                       The gospel of truth are the charms of her cherished name.


                                       Repeat Chorus

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