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As I feel the cool and sweet breeze of the night, as I take a deep breath and stare at the starry sky with the moon smiling to us, as I hear the melodious music repeating itself again and again in my mind, as I look to the joyous smile of these good –looking ladies and gentlemen who, I think, have already grown to maturity physically, emotionally and mentally, as I excitedly stand and speak in front of you for the one of the most prestigious affairs of high school life, this Juniors Seniors Promenade, I cannot hide the fact which is bothering my mind, that few days from now we will already move forward from Tabuk Institute. But before I will be totally saddened by that thought, let me share to you the life story of our class since we entered this institution – our Class History. May I request you to get ready and fasten your seatbelts, as we look backward to the journey our class had.


             June 2002, almost two months after finishing the first step of education, we entered Tabuk Institute to continue our journey of schooling. We are about 40+ then from different places that came in this academe and established a one united class. Despite of our different personalities, different likes and dislikes, different points of view, we still found ourselves befriending each one of us; we still found ourselves enjoying each other’s company. As it was our first year in this school, there bloomed our first crush, first courting, first love, first holding hands as well as first experience of being brokenhearted, first jamming together, first experience of being appreciated, first quarrel between our classmates, first scolding by our teachers, first defeat and first victory in contests etc. And those “first times” will not vanish in our mind.


I can still remember our experiences in making our investigatory projects. We have broken so many laboratory apparatus and equipment; we also came to the point that the group mates had an almost endless conflict; and my finger was even burned just because of that investigatory project. However, after those sacrifices, we tasted the sweet fruit of them. Two of our projects got in to the top five highest rankers out of 23 presentations. We defeated many projects made by the higher years.


 I know, it is still fresh in our mind, my fellow seniors, how Sir Sucia demonstrated the action of There was a tree….. and how we jokingly followed him. You might not also forget how he let Desiree and me squat in front of the class for the whole period when he caught us laughing and laughing. And since we are already reminiscing those “abnormal” attitudes we had, may I let you recall how Albert Dapasen responded “Welcome” to Josue Ada- ol when the latter asked for forgiveness for placing floorwax on the former’s seat that caused Albert’s uniform got painted. Indeed, even our teacher that time can’t help but to push his belly because his stomach is aching out of laughing. And in the latter months of our fist year, we were imitating the CAT officers and their men as they were practicing. We got our soft brooms and broomsticks and used them as our riffles as we followed the command of our officers who were our classmates. Out of our unity that year, Fulgene Wandag was crowned as Mr. Tabuk Institute. We are also thankful that in our first year, we encountered church activities like convocation, Students’ Bible Fellowship, and Religious Emphasis Week that shaped our spiritual lives.


             June 2003, we reached our second year of stay here. It was sad time then because many of our previous classmates transferred to other schools but that was just short- term because we met new faces, who became our classmates and eventually added our circle of friends. During this school year, we experienced having three English teachers successively, two Filipino teachers and two Values Ed. teachers. But in this year also, we grew wilder. Until now, I cannot still imagine how we did this, Ma’am Mae walked out our room crying because of our attitude. But we still didn’t learn our lesson. Late November, almost third of the class including many girls were punished just because of firecrackers particularly the cheapest one- the wattusi. They played that inside the room that caused the other classes to be disturbed. I can still imagine the angry faces of Ma’am Mae and Sir Madz that time.


However, we made a successful name in this year. In the Division Science Fair, the investigatory project defended by Fulgene Wandag won second place and was able to participate in the regional contest at the University of Baguio, Baguio City. And during the Foundation Day, Claire Bao-angan brought home the bacon as Ms. T.I. 2004. But do you know what is the most remarkable event in this year? It was our encampment. We, boys went to Camarao while the girls were left here as their campsite. That time there was a heavy downpour; consequently, we experienced to take a nap in a sitting position with our things and clothes wet. We fetched water for drinking by walking in the angry and muddy river and climbing rocks at a distant place from the campsite. And I’m sure, the girls also made some adjustments in that unpredictable situation. But generally, we were able to leave that year with lots of experiences like transferring our chairs every now and then to where there be shade for us to take our classes because our room then was undergoing renovations as preparation for the accreditation. And that’s one thing we’re proud of, we played a vital role in passing the accreditation level one.


             Hoping to have more joyrides in our journey in this institution, we stepped third year in June 2004. This was indeed a year full of excitement. Why? Because many of us were then very excited to enter the COCC and all of us were that eager to experience the so- called JS Prom. In this year, we grew more matured, though some of us still practiced childish ways. We we’re already able to realize to fix ourselves for a better impression. In this moment, almost half the class has their boyfriends and girlfriends. But together with that maturity lies an irony: our attitude became worse. Different looks of vices entered the lives of our classmates. Gone was the clean record of our class. Every PEHM period, Sir Madz shouts before us usually because of the boys who smoke in the C.R. or on the way going to Ubbog. I thought they were courageous that’s why they were violating school’s regulations but I was wrong. They were like snails sulking themselves in their shell because at the back of their courage to smoke was the fear of being caught. I hope and pray that none of you, Juniors, will follow that footstep. One more usual reason why Sir Madz got mad was that the girls didn’t care at all what others would say about them in hugging their boyfriends in public. I hope those sermons of our teachers will be valued in our lives.


             During the intramurals, we’re very happy. With the help of the transferees, we kicked out the seniors from the dance floor. We won in the cheerdance competition and snatched the throne from the seniors who nailed the title on their hands for long time. The girls, who were thought of being maarte, even ruled in softball. Then in the Science Fair, with our superb ethnic dance moves, splendiferous concept, wise- created music, enchanting costumes and killer smiles, we again dominated in Banda Bulo.


             Like you, we looked like celebrities, without exaggeration, during the promenade. In that night, our bonding became closer, our friendship became deeper and you might not believe this, many love at opposite sex were developed that fell into relationships.


             June 2005, “Three down, one more year to go,” we said. What I expected was reversed. The solidity of our friendship was loosened. There, many of us planted hatred towards our classmates. The expected to be responsible leaders for the whole studentry didn’t do their envisioned task. We quarreled, officer against officer, friend against friend, and classmate against classmate. We, being appreciated for the past years turned into headaches of the teachers and thorns of the school. I don’t know why. I don’t know how.


             But we achieved more success in this school year not only in school like the intramurals, which put us on top over- all, but also in division and regional levels. The young scientist of our class, Fulgene Wandag, won 1st place for his investigatory project during the Division Science Fair while I, who happened to be 2nd placer in the Division Super Quiz Bee, captivated 1st place in Physics Quiz Bee. We went to the regional level and unfortunately, I only bagged the 3rd place. But still, we were very happy that we were part of the Kalinga team that made our province 2nd top achiever in highschool department entire CAR. One more success was when the school’s baseball team primarily composed of seniors knocked down THNS and STS and again led to the victory of NTD during the Palarong Bayan against STD and WTD. Days from now, Darwin Paycao and Lala Decano will move out from the province to join the CARAA. We cannot also forget this year’s Religious Emphasis Week that helped us to know better ourselves and helped us strengthen our spiritual life. Thanks to the organizers.


             As I have said a while ago, this is the worst part of our class but I’m so happy that these latter months, we were able to bring back our closeness to each other. You can again catch us laughing together wherever we are.


             Yes, these are our stories during our at least four years of stay here. Thanks to the songs we sung, thanks to the game we played, thanks to the music we danced, thanks to the compositions we wrote, thanks to the things we drew because in them, we made our bonding firmer. But at the back of these laughter, there are pains, heartaches, griefs and tears. We cried. Rivers of tears rolled down our scared eyes, loads of burden came out from complaining hearts. But glad to know that in those times, we found shoulders where we can lean on; we found arms where we can cry; we found friends willing to lend their ears; we found classmates who became a great part of our lives and whom we will treasure until our last breath is gone and even beyond our earthly lives.


             Again, this is our history, this is our story, this is our friendship, this is our class.

             Thank you and may we all enjoy the night.


 - Elmer M. Daguasi

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